FIDIC Design Build Operate (Gold Book)

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FIDIC Design Build Operate (Gold Book)

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Validated for 1 CPD Point CESA-1053-06/2020
Gold Book Contract available on request at cost


This one day workshop is aimed at those who have had some experience in working with FIDIC or have attended other workshops on the FIDIC forms of contract. We will therefore focus on innovations introduced in the new contracts, on recent developments in interpretation of the FIDIC contracts and on higher level technical issues in the drafting of the contracts which have not been in previous seminars.

In this workshop we focus on matters which may be missed on first reading of the contracts, but which could, if discovered later, create problems for one or both parties. Matters which commentators have brought to FIDIC’s attention as requiring revisiting in later editions are highlighted.


  • This course has been designed to suit those who have had little exposure to construction cases, as well as those who are experienced in construction law
  • It is suitable for all types of management roles in the construction industry
  • Lawyers wishing to gain a greater understanding of construction law


Once you have completed this workshop you should:

  • Understand the scope of the Design, Build & Operate Contract (the Gold Book) and its application to BOT and BOOT Projects
  • Understand Drafting Changes made in the Gold Book and their Implications for the Interpretation of the FIDIC Contracts
  • Understand some Potential Pitfalls when dealing with the Gold Book

Clauses which require particular attention if disputes are to be avoided.

In particular, you should have a more detailed understanding of:

  • The Role of the Engineer
  • Liability for Fitness for Purpose and the Contractor’s Liability for Design
  • Contractor’s Responsibilities regarding Personnel
  • Claims for Additional Time including Concurrent Delays and Early Warning
  • Delay Damages
  • Limitations of Liability
  • Taking Over and Tests on Completion
  • Defects Liability
  • Payment by the Employer
  • Termination of Contract; and
  • Disputes, Adjudication and Arbitration
“The course was very informative. The course taught me to read any contract thoroughly.”
“A well organiser and presented course. The presenter is extremely knowledgeable and this is much appreciated.”
Sep 27 2021


Start: 27 Sep
End: 28 Sep
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Seminar Content
Background to the FIDIC Suite, and review of the primary clauses in the contract

  • General Provisions
  • The Employer
  • The Employers' Representative
  • The Contractor
  • Design
  • Staff & Labour
  • Plant, Materials & Workmanship
  • Commencement Date, Completion & Programme
  • Conventional Penalties Act 15 of 1962
  • Design-Build
  • Operation Service
  • Testing
  • Defects
  • Variations & Adjustments
  • Contract Price & Payment
  • Suspension & Termination
  • Termination of the Contract