NEC3 – Professional Services Contract and PSC Short Contract

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NEC3 – Professional Services Contract and PSC Short Contract

Platform: Microsoft Teams

Validated for 2 CPD Points CESA-2248-04/2027
Duration: 2 Days


The New Engineering Contract (NEC) is not only an engineering contract but is suitable for use for all types of works, as it will be discussed in this seminar. In order to avoid a misconception that this is an engineering contract only, the name of the primary contract was modified to “The Engineering and Construction Contract” (ECC).

The NEC is not exclusively an engineering contract. It is intended for use in the range of construction situations:

  • It can be used for works of civil engineering, electrical and mechanical works, building work, software development, thus for all the traditional disciplines and some new ones
  • It can be used for Client designed works and for Contractor designed works
  • It can be used for the various payment options such as competitive tender, cost reimbursable contracts, target contracts and management contracts
  • It is intended as an international contract that can be used in different jurisdictions

Professional services of almost any kind can be procured using the NEC Professional Services Contract.

This contract is between the Client and Consultant whose names are stated in Contract Data. This does not presume that the Consultant is in private practice or indeed in the engineering profession. The Contract identifies the liability he carries for the services he provides. The Term Option provides for outsourcing of professional staff for an agreed period of time.


  • Project Managers
  • Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Engineers
  • Architects, Consultants
  • Contract administrators
  • Lawyers and Legal Advisers
  • Arbitrators, Mediators
  • Developers, Employers, Clients
September 03 2024


Start: 3 September
End: 4 September
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