2 Day FIDIC Workshop

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2 Day FIDIC Workshop


Validated for 2 CPD Points CESA-1873-12/2023.


Each project that is conducted under the FIDIC Contract gives rise to new issues and applications as the work has been completed under the new contracts. The workshop, now conducted annually, will serve both as a refresher and update for those who attended the course in the last few years, and as an introductory course new exposure for those who have not, did not.

Those who have attended in previous seminars have found it interesting, valuable, interactive & of an excellent standard. The content of the workshop will be based on recent developments in the industry and in the development of contracts in general and the FIDIC contracts in particular:

  • An in-depth analysis of the contracts and their practical implications
  • Practical, case study based; the course is based on recent experiences with the old and new FIDIC contracts
  • Presented by presenters of the highest standing, who have had an ongoing experience with the FIDIC contracts


  • Project Managers
  • Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Engineers
  • Architects, Consultants
  • Contract Administrators
  • Legal Practitioners in the Construction Industry
  • Financial Managers


This 2-day workshop provides comprehensive insight into the contracts in the FIDIC family. Delegates gain insights into their rights and duties under these contracts, as well as an understanding of how these rights and duties operate in practice.

The two day workshop provides greater breadth and depth of understanding with more tools for practical application than the one day workshops. The general objective/learning outcomes of this workshop are to give delegates:

  • Provide an understanding of what the FIDIC contracts are and how they fit in the Southern African contracting environment
  • Provide an overview of all the contracts in the FIDIC family
  • Provide an understanding of the structure, overall approach to risk and language used in the FIDIC contracts.

Once you have completed this workshop you should have greater practical understanding of:

  • Clauses that raise difficulties in practice
  • Clauses where the drafting could create uncertainty
  • Clauses which require particular attention if disputes are to be avoided
  • An understanding of their rights and obligations under the FIDIC contracts, and the consequences of not fulfilling or upholding these
  • Insight into how claims are brought, managed and defended under the FIDIC contracts
  • The ability to identify clauses which may raise problems in practice
  • An understanding of how to avoid these problems through sound contacting practices
  • An awareness of some ambiguities or uncertainty in the FIDIC contracts; and
  • The tools to overcome some of these uncertainties

In particular, you should have:

  • A greater ability to evaluate the risk allocation of your (FIDIC) contract
  • An understanding of your rights and obligations, as employer, contractor or Engineer under these contracts
  • Tools required to recognise when you have a claim and how to bring it;
  • Tools required to defend a claim
  • Improved ability to evaluate, agree and resolve claims
  • An understanding of the stages of completion and tests which take place at each stage
  • An understanding of guarantees and retention money under the FIDIC contracts
  • Knowledge of how FIDIC deals with termination and suspension and an understanding of the risks which termination and suspension bring
  • An understanding of the dispute resolution and the tools required to properly bring, defend and avoid disputes.
“The facilitator is very well versed in FIDIC including contract and common law. Experience and knowledge of real world examples were shared and clearly explained in terms of context.”
“I have learnt so much about FIDIC which I was clueless and this training just made a clarification for me.”
Oct 04 2022


Start: 4 Oct
End: 5 Oct
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A comprehensive set of Workshop notes will be issued at the Workshop:

  • Example forms of documents that may be relied on in future;
  • Time charts
  • Tables showing key time periods, clauses and differences for the various contracts
  • All case studies and practical exercises
  • Detailed notes for future reference